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Finally I got one for my dog! I have seen it all over and my dog keeps active and entertained. You don’t have to do anything, once my dog touches the fish, it’s just flips and flops all the way :)) My dogs fight over this fish all day, it is so fun to watch them!


We have found the TOY of ALL TOYS! My dog is in love with this fish even more than a cat. It flips, flops and wiggles…so funny! Pet safe material, a pouch for a cat or dognip are the true added bonuses


My dog is NOT a fan of grooming and we were struggling to find a product that he would even just tolerate.We were really surprised! This Pawoui Self cleaning brush Transformed his grooming sessions from fight into relaxing fun time. No knots, no tangles anymore, it keeps its fur shiny and clean while being gentle on his skin too. It actually massages and stimulates blood flow, reducing shedding.


Look how I trim the hair from a dog’s paws. It makes out life so much easier, and grooming pleasant. The Pawoui pet groomer clippers are suitable for all coat lengths. It is so nice and quiet and has so low vibrations. We love it is wireless and rechargeable. Dont missed it out!


I’ve decided to get my dog Pawoui soothing pet bed because we have tiled floor and she deserves a comfortable place to sit. It creates a common sleeping experience for your dog or even your cat. This bed is so fluffy, soft and comfortable. It is made of breathable materials and it is also stylish with a beautiful colorful design. My favorite part is that it is so easy to machine wash and it dries so quickly.


It’s so calming for my pets! Even my husband instantly laying on it, it is soft!:) Is machine washable. Nice add on is that it non sleep on the bottom and doesn’t fly out the coach `cos my dog ran around like crazy:) Also Comes in different sizes…


Are you constantly being interrupted during office goals? Snuffle mat, that you can hide feed throughout the entire thing. The snuffle matt is wonderful because it encourages your pet to activate their foraging natural instincts keeping them focused and entertained for a looong period of time. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It is. It delimits their brain by being forced to work for their foods and treats.


This is an exciting interactive toy for cats and dogs to keep your pets active. It came with a rechargeable USB cable. It has a built in motional sensor, it moves realistically when it is touched. My dogs absolutely love this. And when I leave them at home by themselves I don’t have to worry about them not being active.


My dog Marlow is terrified of grooming, hair cuts and everything. Pawoui pet grooming clipper and it made my life so much easier by creating a much pleasant grooming experience for him and I. Save time and money on pet grooming with this clipper, it makes a huge difference and keps furry friends looking as they just walked out of the saloon. You don’t wanna miss this